Industry Update June 2023

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Aviation industry jobs

Industry Shape and Trends

In May and June 2023, the commercial aviation industry saw a significant increase in domestic travel as COVID-19 restrictions began to lift in many countries. This increase in demand led to airlines adding more flights and routes to their schedules. However, the industry also faced challenges such as rising fuel prices and a shortage of pilots. In addition, there were concerns over the environmental impact of air travel, leading to increased pressure on airlines to reduce their carbon footprint. Despite these challenges, the industry remained optimistic about the future and continued to explore new technologies and innovations to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Some of the new technologies that gained attention in the aviation industry were electric and hybrid aircraft. Several companies announced plans to develop and test these aircraft, which have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Another area of focus was the use of sustainable aviation fuels, which are made from renewable sources such as waste oils and fats. Additionally, airlines continued to invest in digital technologies to improve the customer experience, such as mobile check-in and personalized in-flight entertainment. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these new technologies and innovations shape the future of commercial aviation.

Aircraft Orders and Deliveries

Here are the orders and deliveries for major aircraft manufacturers for May 2023:

Airbus Orders:

  • A320neo: 16
  • A330-900: 1

Airbus Deliveries:

  • A220: 3
  • A320neo: 19
  • A321neo: 32
  • A330-200: 1
  • A330-900: 3
  • A350-900: 3
  • A350-1000: 2

Boeing Orders:

  • 737 MAX: 36
  • 787 Dreamliner: 10

Boeing Deliveries:

  • 737 MAX: 35
  • 737-800: 1
  • 787 Dreamliner: 8
  • 777F: 3
  • 767-300F: 3

Embraer Deliveries (1st Quarter):

  • E175: 2
  • E195-E2: 5

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