Industry Update April 2023

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Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs in Asia and Australia

Industry Shape and Trends

April 2023 saw some significant developments in the commercial airline industry. One of the biggest events was the announcement by Delta Airlines of their plans to launch a new route between the United States and Australia.

Finally, April 2023 saw the unveiling of a new passenger aircraft concept by a private aerospace company. The new aircraft is expected to be the most fuel-efficient passenger aircraft ever built, and it is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel significantly. This technological innovation has the potential to revolutionize air travel by enabling aircraft to fly at speeds of up to five times the speed of sound. While the concept is still in its early stages, it has the potential to revolutionize air travel in the future and make it more sustainable. The hypersonic jet’s remarkable speed could significantly reduce commercial flight times, making long-distance travel faster and more efficient. Passengers will be able to reach their destinations much quicker than before, potentially changing the way people travel.

The jet’s success may also lead to the development of new air transportation systems, including hypersonic air travel, which could have significant implications for the aviation industry and the wider economy.

Overall, April 2023 was a significant month for the commercial airline industry, with some exciting developments in aircraft technology and new air routes being announced. These developments hold the promise of a more efficient and sustainable future for air travel, benefiting both passengers and the wider economy.

Aircraft Orders and Deliveries

Here are the orders and deliveries for major aircraft manufacturers for March 2023:

Airbus Orders:

  • A319neo: 1
  • A350F: 4

Airbus Deliveries:

  • A220: 5
  • A320neo: 26
  • A32neo: 25
  • A330-900: 3
  • A350: 2

Boeing Orders:

  • 737 MAX: 3
  • 787 Dreamliner: 3

Boeing Deliveries:

  • 737 MAX: 16
  • 787 Dreamliner: 6
  • 777F: 3
  • 767-300F: 1

Embraer Deliveries (4th Quarter):

  • E175: 14
  • E190: 3
  • E190-E2: 1
  • E195-E2: 12

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