Industry Update March 2023

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airbus a320 pilot jobs in Asia, USA and Australasia

Industry Shape and Trends

The aviation industry continues to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some airlines are still struggling, others are seeing increased demand and are even expanding their fleets. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has forecasted that global passenger demand will continue to grow. This growth is driven by emerging markets, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the aviation industry will need to overcome challenges such as rising fuel prices and environmental concerns in order to sustain this growth. ICAO forecasts complete and sustainable recovery and growth of air passenger demand in 2023. ICAO forecast an increase in air passenger demand in 2023 of around 3% on 2019 figures, building on the momentum in recovery that commenced in 2022. The increase in air passengers carried in 2022 was up by 47% versus 2021, with revenue passengers kilometres (RPK’s) up by approximately 70%. Demand in 2022 was approximately 74% of pre-COVID levels with passengers revenues up around 68% of 2019 levels. References: ICAO

Aircraft Orders and Deliveries

Here are the orders and deliveries for major aircraft manufacturers for February 2023:

Airbus Orders

53 x A321NEO 22 x A320NEO 1 x A319NEO 22 x A350

Airbus Deliveries

3 x A220 13 x A320NEO 26 x A321 NEO 1 x A330-200 1 x A330-900 2 x A350 – 900

Boeing Orders

5 x 737MAX

Boeing Deliveries

11 x B737 1 x 777F 1 x B747-8 1 x B787

Table of Contents