Financial Solutions For Aviation Industry Crew

Tailored Financial Advice Specific To The Needs Of Airline Crew

Protect Your Financial Future

We all know that the airline industry goes in cycles, and we have experienced the ups and downs ourselves.
Having a backup plan for the bad times is the smartest move you can make to future proof your hard-earned income and ensure you can provide for your dependents through financial planning or loss of income protection.
We aren’t financial advisors ourselves, but we connect you with companies who understand Aviation to tailor solutions for your individual needs.

Global Currency Exchange

We know from our experience that on a day-to-day basis traveling around the world or working abroad, currency exchange fees add up pretty quickly and finding institutions that can find you the best rates makes a significant difference to your long-term bottom line.
We think these providers are great, but as always, when it comes to finances, we don’t know your personal circumstances, and one person’s experience can vary from that of another. It is up to you to do your own research to find if these companies can provide the services you require.

At 3Crew we are not a financial institution, nor do we provide financial advice or products. But we have done the hard work and found some great people who do provide and are qualified to advise on services and products in the financial sector.
While we may recommend these providers based on our own experience or research, it is still up to you as an individual to make your choice as to whether these products and providers are the right fit for your individual circumstances.
If you connect with these providers or purchase any of the products they offer through the links we provide. We may get a commission in the form of a finders fee. This does not involve any extra cost to you.