About Us

3Crew Is A Boutique Aviation Crew Resourcing Agency

3Crew offer contract pilot and cabin crew jobs, as well as interview preparation. This includes both generic and tailored assessment preparation services suitable for general aviation to major airlines.

We place air crew who meet the requirements of our clients, in great jobs

3Crew are skilled in sourcing and head hunting pilots and cabin crew for airlines requiring crew with specific qualifications and skills, in small or large numbers. We are able to source crew according to your specific requirements and at short notice. 

As an alternative to leasing, we offer ‘Finders Fee’ agreements, whereby 3Crew will source the crew according to your needs, screen for specific suitability, and connect you with the individuals.

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Customised Experiences

Each company is unique, and we believe in every client’s individual and customised experience. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you or your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions tailored to your industry, culture, and one-of-a-kind challenges.

The 3Crew Difference

What’s So Different About 3Crew?

From the first moment you make contact with 3Crew, you will receive personalised service, timely replies, and outstanding support. In the unlikely event we do not have an answer to a query, we will find it and get back to you as soon as possible

  • We process applications expeditiously,
  • We maintain open loop communication between the airlines and our applicants We do our best to help you gain rewarding employment.
  • We will be there to support you throughout screening and employment.

As a pilot or cabin crew member, if you are in the market for a new job, or open to the prospect of a more appealing aviation job. Get in touch so we can start helping you find  a position to suit your desires an experience.

Planning & Preparation

We will continue to analyse our performance and how we are meeting your needs, maintaining an open loop of communication and feedback.

We will give you an insight to our business, our preparation techniques, and provide you with the material, guidance and support you need to achieve your maximum career potential

When applying for a contract position, we will walk you through the application process and leave you feeling comfortable and informed from application stage, onward throughout your employment.

Unique Approach, Ongoing Support

No one approach will fit all businesses or individuals. 3Crew assess every businesses or individuals needs, analyse what approach is required to achieve your goals in the required time frame and maintain open communication and feedback. 

Whether an airline, other aviation business, pilot or cabin crew, our consultants provide ongoing support from the moment you make an enquiry. Businesses and individuals will receive the same unique, custom, high quality approach that is valued by 3Crew.

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It’s The Little Extras…

We are the only agency to be a true one stop for all your employment, relocation and insurance needs. In addition to assisting you in gaining a fantastic new job, we also offer:  

  • Relocation and moving services
  • Orientation around your new city
  • Settling-in programs
  • Spouse support
  • Insurances for crew and their families
  • Currency exchange and international transfers
  • Access to exclusive financial products
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The 3Crew Team

We are a team of passionate individuals who want to help airline staff make the most of their careers and qualifications. We have vast experience between us from flight instruction, charter flights, regional airlines, narrow-body and widebody jet operations on domestic, short and long-haul international routes.

We have moved ourselves and our families around the world domestically and internationally by choice, under forced company relocations and redundancies. We know the joys, the challenges and the pain points and hope to use our experience to help others. While Kyle and Jordan are at the front, we have different team members on reserve with a variety of skills, hence the name 3Crew. 

Picture of Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan

Kyle is a current airline pilot with experience in narrow body and widebody jet aircraft, turboprop aircraft, short and long-haul domestic and international networks, and both cargo and passenger operations and has had involvement in Resource Planning, Contract Management and Crew Alertness/Roster Pairing Review teams, as well involvement in Flight Crew training. Kyle has a keen interest in finance and is a fully qualified Mortgage Broking professional.

Picture of Jordan Purdey

Jordan Purdey

Jordan is a current airline pilot and has experience in narrow body and widebody jet aircraft for one of Australia's leading airlines. Trained and experienced in dealing with pilot fears, concerns and anxieties emanating from within the workplace, he has a keen interest in mentoring and has used his skills to help many pilots navigate complex situations.
With a background in regional RPT turboprop charter operations and flight instruction, Jordan is an expert in interview preparation and assessments for pilots in all stages of their aviation careers.